Hard Way MBA

Empowering ambitious corporate professionals with a real world business education.

We help you grow a career, climb the corporate ladder, build personal wealth and a legacy your families will be proud of. The most ambitious among us are aiming for the top seat, President, CEO, Chairman, and realize that getting their today requires a different, innovative kind of business education.

The business landscape is in continuous evolution. To continue advancing your knowledge must keep pace with these shifting sands.

This is where the Hard Way MBA becomes valuable. We empower you with practical, tactical advice that you can put into practice today, to move your business and career forward.

About Jason

Jason R. Thomas

I’m the founder of Hard Way MBA, Jason Thomas. I started Hard Way MBA when I realized I needed a place to codify everything I was learning in business. See, I stated my career in social services, earned a Masters in Counseling and invested 10 years working with children and families. I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals but never felt the right fit, until I jumped into consulting and sales. During this transition, around 2005, I read every business book I could find, consumed blogs and podcasts ravenously and focused on educating myself – earning an MBA, the Hard Way…

Today, I’m consulting executive with broad business and strategy expertise, a history of creating value and providing insights to C-Suite executives in technology, energy, utilities, healthcare, human resources and retail.

Often, my corporate clients engage me when they are…

  • Looking to realign technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience.
  • In a high-growth mode, especially through acquisition and are struggling to keep pace with demands for integration and new opportunities to create economies of scale.
  • Searching for a partner who will deliver value quickly and help them build internal capabilities along the way so they never become captive to consultants who care more about generating revenue than clients success.

Bottom line, I’m an ambitious corporate professional and this site is a huge part of my evolving education. That’s why I’m completely confident you’ll love it.


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