Balaji Ramadoss: Healthcare Disruption | Future of Healthcare | Joy of Practicing Medicine | Situational Awareness

Balaji Ramadoss: Future of Healthcare

Balaji is the Founder and CEO, Edgility, where he is enabling a cognitive Healthcare disruption. Before launching Edgility he earned a PhD and worked in Healthcare for last 15 years as CRO for Tampa General and VP of Technology Experience for Stanford Healthcare Palo Alto. Prior to leading large teams, Balaji was in Public Health and responded to Hurricane Katrina, Deploying as tech consultant where he developed the first command center based on healthcare needs.

Healthcare Disruption / Transformation
 Healthcare is ripe for disruption, where do start looking at this big system to create disruption?
  • Healthcare is inefficient; Inefficiency is unethical
  • Clinicians are the most important aspect of the equation
  • Healthcare lacks situational awareness

Joy in Practicing Medicine: Physicians, Nurses and Care Providers got into medicine the patients and the joy of practicing medicine, yet we hear a lot about physician’s being very dissatisfied with their careers. What do you guys see happening here?
  • Clinicians should focus on patients.
  • Visibility of logistics should be taken care of for them.
  • ‘I’ in the middle of the triangle.
  • 2008 -> Today We’ve implemented tech so fast that we didn’t re-engineer the process.
  • Help healthcare unpack transaction system of data. Think about radar for real time pings.
  • Design Thinking. First stage, empathy. Do you understand the problem emphatically?
  • Broke Healthcare into 15 domain areas and now 6 core offerings. Flare…
    • Deep experience helps them to identify the domain ares.
    • Start with empathy. Chose orders management first. Revenue cycle.  Care management. Interdisciplinary communication – Dr’s talking to themselves.
    • Formed design teams. Made of clinicians, not admins and techs. Worked directly with these teams.
    • Brought all of this back to the patient experience.
    • Flare back up by looking at workflows, EMRs, etc. for ways to create triggers and events
Situational Awareness. I’ve heard you talk about Situation Awareness as part of the solution. Can you explain what that means to you? How do you create that in such complex healthcare environments?
  • Definition: At any point in time do you know what’s going on?
  • Supply Chain: Tracking packages.
  • In Healthcare. Doctors and nurses have so many logistics to manage that it’s difficult for them to see the whole picture.
What’s Next in Healthcare?
  • Healthcare is not simple. Will not be simplified like Uber.
  • Genomics are the next wave. Won’t make it simpler. Will make it more complex. Without cleaning up foundation getting there will hard.
  • Precision medicine.
  • Fee for performance.

Standard questions

One piece of tactical advice you’d give our ambitious corporate audience that they can put in place today  to help them change their life / career?

When you have doubt, look past the curve. Where you see is where you go. (Very Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance if you ask me.)

Best business book you’ve ever read?

John Kaag: American Philosophy: A Love Story