David Chapman: Change Management – All About Finding The Why

Why? It’s the most important factor in change management

You can read more about this concept in a blog post David wrote called, It’s all about the why

Last time we talked about an ROI for change management. I’m sure that got some attention. Now, it I want to start thinking about managing change, where do I look first?
  • Often we think about communication and training. 
  • That’s good and is a portion of the change effort.
  • First thing you need to determine is ‘Why’.
  • Change happens 1 person at a time.
  • Must hook people early.
How do you uncover the ‘why’ for end users / stakeholders?
  • Small minority of people like to change.
  • We like what we know.
  • Change equation for each person is different.
  • Most projects have a mission / vision. Often the ‘why’ for the business but not WIIFM?
  • What’s the case for change for the audience members.
  • Iterative discipline. Audiences themselves change so your plans must change with them.
  • Must do the stakeholder assessment / analysis. Impact on them? Their impact on program? Their current disposition and future state disposition?
Once I have the ‘why’ what do I do with it? (I’ll ask but we’ll have to save that for next time)
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