David Chapman: Change Management – Soft or Tangible ROI

Change Management: Soft or Tangible ROI

David Chapman and I both work at Perficient, a leading IT and Management Consulting firm. David leads the Organizational Change Management Practice as part of a Strategic Advisory Team.

Can you quickly define change management for us?
  • Tech implementation are often all about getting tech right. No Defects. However, that does not define success.
  • Projects are about creating outcomes and that is often about the people.
  • Need to ensure people are ready, willing and able to function effectively.

I’ve heard many people refer to change as an overhead cost or say that it’s difficult to put a tangible ROI together for it. How do you address this?
  • Are we ONLY protecting an asset, like insurance? B/C I’m not a fan of insurance, I prefer the risk.
  • If you’re investing $1M in a system and expect $3M in return. What if no one uses the system?
  • Typically there’s 70-80% of the value is dependent on people using the system. 
  • Projects that deploy change are 6x more likely succeed. 
  • IBM study: 2/3 of projects are not successful because we don’t address change correctly.