David Chapman: Communication Plan – Doing Change Management

Communication Plan: Linchpin to Change Management

Communications. Please define for us in this context?

  • Guides the course of what we’ll do this program.
Layout a simple communication plan?
  • Segmented audiences by role and disposition.
  • Must iterate assessment and communications over the project.
  • Repetition matters. 7 times over 3 mediums 
  • What message are we sending? What format does it take? Audience to receive? When?
Do we learn and adapt the communications as we go?
  • Communication plans adapt from building awareness in the beginning to taking action at the end.
  • Beginning: You need to know what’s up.
  • End: You need to take action.
  • Peaks and valleys of a project will address changing conditions of the program.

You can read more about Communication on Perficient’s Blog.

Who does this typically play out in a real project? (We’ll save that for next time)
 David ChapmanDavid is a Director in Perficient’s Organizational Change Management practice, part of the Management Consulting National Business Unit. He has nineteen years of consulting experience and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.