Disruption: Stay Ahead of Disruption Trends


Disruption will impact your business model. Is it already?

Traditional business models are under siege as the world rushes toward digital so it’s time for all of us to rethink our position in the market. This is a great and funny video that highlights the stages of business disruption.

The Stages of Business Disruption from Deloitte Digital on Vimeo.

What are the stages of disruption?

  • Stage 1: Disruption brings change
  • Stage 2: Change brings unlimited possibilities
  • Stage 3: Possibilities bring raising customer expectations
  • Conclusion: Disruption creates opportunities

Who will capture the opportunity? Are you putting yourself and your firm in a position to create a new kind of value for your customers?

Gluten Free will be the trend for someone (like Joseph in the video) but it won’t for everyone, which begs he question, how do you see disruption coming and stay out in front of it?

First, let’s take steps to understand where technology and business may be going. I’ve really enjoyed a report from Kleiner Perkins on Internet trends and their impact on the world. This is a 2015 report and they update it annually, so keep your eyes pealed for new info.

A couple of highlights:

  • The Internet is only two-thirds of a generation old and it has achieved 2.8 Billion users, which is 39% of the global population
  • Mobile phone users have a  73% population penetration globally. (Why does mobile matter again?)
  • Consumerization is impacting Enterprise Technology dramatically. Meaning, if you are in the enterprise space, consumers tech is forecasting the future for you. Pay close attention to trends in the consumer market and apply them to business issues and you have a big head start.

Hope you enjoy this and are encouraged to look into the future for your business and career – don’t be on the wrong side of the disruption!

Jason R. Thomas