Dustin McKissen: LinkedIn an Active Value Creation Mechanism

How do some get so much more from LinkedIn than others?

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Most salient points for professionals
  • The way you think about LinkedIn is important.
  • You can use it as a passive platform or active. Active is much better.
A good profile…

  • Have a photo, a professional one. For some, that means a suit and tie, others it’s at your desk
  • Position descriptions are complete. Don’t treat them like a chance to recite everything you did. Treat it like a chance describe how you bring value. 
  • Ask for recommendations. Easiest to give them first.
  • Complete the profile and give people a nice way to understand who you are and what you do.
  • Order of content areas. Highlight what’s most valuable first.
Using the bloging platform, Pulse, on LinkedIn.
  • Good distribution
  • Wrote first post in July 2014 about second employee in a startup. Received 900 views. 
  • Second article 4-5 days later about getting an MBA was written for an audience of people who need the MBA as a career qualification. that post went viral and got 22k views.
  • Later wrote a post that received 500k views. 
  • Has now written 185 posts for LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn has an algorithm that identifies what posts to feature.
  • Is now manually featured by certain editors
What have your learned and can systematize about writing for Pulse?
  • There are probably 10 people who have written for Pulse who have built a similar sized platform as him.
  • Only 2 of them had any writing background before starting
  • If you’re interested in writing, start by writing about things you care about. Do something compelling, not appetizing.
  • Something with ‘fire in the belly’ gets more attention than technically well written material.
  • It’s all about interacting with people.
  • Are they really active?
    • Most are short-lived if ever lived.
    • Most are too big or too small to be a community.
  • You need to evaluate each group one at a time and be willing to abandon them.
Interacting with people… 
  • Look at who is engaging with the post then go to their profile.
  • Look at their post, be curious and proactive in helping them. Look for ways, find ways, to help the people who look at your profile.
  • Use this as a basis to build a dialog.
  • Look for Pulse content that resonates with you and is in your area of interest / expertise.
  • Comment on the article, comment on the comments.
  • Engage more deeply with individuals.
  • Most people generally operate with some sense of kindness and of the golden rule, online people don’t necessarily have the same level of care / reciprocity. Being decent, kind and caring to people who do share of their time and efforts.
Your favorite business book?
What one piece of actionable advice?
  • Career growth is not only about the credentials you get
  • Look at what investments you can make into other people
  • He could go out an get another degree, which may look good on your resume
  • You could also give great advice to a potential client or employerer 
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