Interview: Brandon Dempsey :: Maintaining Super High Energy :: Transparent Business Practice :: Be Defined by Outcomes

Brandon Dempsey carries titles like Founder, Partner & Chief Marketing Strategist at goBRANDgo! but mostly he’s an entrepreneur. He joins the Hard Way MBA for a great discussion about…

  • Being the most energetic dude I know. How does Brandon keep a super high energy level that allows him to run a company, an Iron Man and travel the world?
  • Transparent business practices that would scare most business owners are the norm for Brandon. He shares with us how being extremely open and candid are fundamental to his business success.
  • The power of defining your company around the results you produce rather than what you do to produce it.

Please let Brandon know what you’ve taken away from this conversation that you’ll put in to action today.


Brandon, thanks again for sharing so much with me personally and now all the listeners at Hard Way MBA!