Interview: Nathan Keller :: Changing Industries :: Sales Ramp Up :: Tech and Business

Nathan Keller is everything you want to be. He’s a young, hard charging business leader who’s been named to the St. Louis Business Journal’s 40 under 40. He’s agile enough to have success in three different industries. And he always knows the best restaurants in town. I sat down to chat with Nathan about how to change industries, ramp up quickly and living where business and technology collide. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Please reach out to Nathan at Let him know what you’ve learned from this session.
Here are some notes from our chat.

Changing Industries
– Self reflection is required. Be sure you’re not jumping ship but moving towards a better opportunity.
– Know why you were successful in the first place.
– Be true to the process you have that creates value for your clients.
Keys to Ramp Up Quickly 
30 days
– Learn the business, your new company, the people, the process etc.
– Your competitors, the market, etc.
– Shadow a peer on customer calls.
– Understand the marketing collateral you have at your disposal.
60 day
– get on the phone.
– Create new contacts.
90 Days
– Understand the sales process of the company.
– What are the right metrics for me to watch.
– What is our sales cycle?
Intersection of Tech and Business
– Tech is often seen as only a cost center but that’s a huge oversight.
– Risk is often overlooked by less mature businesses. What happens to your business if the tech doesn’t work correctly?
– Opportunity costs are another area many business leaders overlook. What are you not able to do because you’re spending too much time on low-value activities like data entry, etc.