Interview with David Singer: Starting a business out of college, growing the business, continual learning


You started with Warehouse of Fixtures right out of college. Did you buy into the business right out of college? 

  • Started out of college. Continuation of what his grandfather did.
  • Re-manufactured manikins, got into office furniture.
  • Started selling furniture out of the old warehouse in the summer between graduating from college and headed to law school.

 How’d you know you wanted to make that kind of commitment so young?

  • Customers were asking him.
  • There were some good players in the new/ used market but he saw that he was doing it better than most.

 What’s it been like ‘growing up’ in business as the President/Owner?

  • Made a ton of mistakes, still does.
  • Budgets for mistakes.
  • Read one biz book per month

 This podcast is all about learning from the hustlers of the world. What piece of business advise would you give to the up and comers, the driven professionals? Something they can put to work today.

  • Learn. Read books.
  • Seek out entrepreneurs
  • Find a mentor who will hold you accountable, outside the business.
  • Ask for help.
  • Look into E/O. it’s for business owners only who do $1M+ in rev. Have a program called accelerator that teaches the basics.

 Reading right now:

Please reach out to David and tell him what you’ve learned and will put into practice today. Of course, if you need office furniture, David is your man. 

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