Jordan Harbinger: The Art of Charm & Your Business Success

Charm is a secret ingredient to business success. A master of the Art of Charm, Jordan Harbinger, shares his hard earned wisdom on standing out as a high-value personality and making friends.

Who are you in a sentence or two?
  • I teach advanced social skill and personal magnetism.
  • Art of Charm. High Performers looking to go to the next level.
  • Seal Team 6.
The Art of Charm sounds like a pick up artist training but that’s not at all what you do. What does ‘Charm’ have to do with business success?
  • “Networking”
  • Charisma. Like & trust factors.
  • It’s the secret game happening around you. People who are good at any job at all have this soft skill on lock.
  • “I know I’m going to be a cubical robot for my career unless I get this down…”
  • It becomes real obvious who’s a leader
Listening, reading and studying your material it seems there are a few fundamental skills that everyone needs to master. Perhaps we can dive into each of these ideas in the context of a standard business networking event. Let’s assume it’s a happy hour / cocktails with good attendance and a variety of attendees, including some fairly heavy hitters. 
Most people do this wrong… Hey ‘Jason Thomas nice to meet you…’ BNI meeting style.
Begins before you walk in the room.
  • First impressions begin well before you open your mouth
  • People see you enter the room, interacting with others, looking at your phone,
  • We judge subconsciously – even if we’re consciously flexible.
  • Cannot undo the first impression.
  • When you became a blip on the radar – that’s the first impression.
  • We filter the first impressions through our own emotional baggage.
Exercise: Create a non-verbal presence without even thinking.
  • Upright, open positive body language.
  • Do this regularly. It’s great, friendly, first impression.
  • Do this every time you walk through a doorway. This way, you’re always resetting and you’re doing it at critical points.
  • Now you’re also creating a habit.
Clothes:  Look just professional enough to pass muster and be comfortable
Talk to people
  • Go up to someone who’s not comfortable.
  • They’re not the glad-handers, they’re often too comfortable and are working the room to make a sale.
  • Be very comfortable.
  • Focus on helping other people.
  • Introduce people who are nearby.
How do you get into a conversation with even one of your ‘heavy hitter targets’.
  • Figure out where they are before the event.
  • Do the social media search. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Find the connections and reach out to those people. Ask, ‘how do you know Dr. Feinberg’? Do you mind introducing me to him? Explain the event and that you’d like to meet with him at the event.
  • When that person is swarmed at the event, you now have permission to step in and introduce yourself and say you’ll wait for him to be available. The small connection is a more comfortable scenario.
  • They may also be interested in not talking about their profession, but their interests, therefore being personal, connected and interested.
  • Cold intro based on mutual interest
Top secret: Find out if they have dietary restrictions. Look it up on line and give them recommendations, invite to dinner.
When do I actually get their help?
  • Law of Reciprocity. You have little professionally to offer the top guys in your field. What you can as for is advise… If you were a young person in the industry, what would you do? How can I make myself more valuable to people like you?
  • Keep in touch.
  • The more irons you have in the fire, the better your chances.
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