Practice: How do you practice your craft? | Question of the Day #11

Practice Makes Perfect

Actually, perfect practice makes perfect.  

How do you practice your craft? Think of the model professional athletes set for us, they practice constantly, at least consist try to stay on top of their game. The best hitters hit off of a tee every day. Jerry Rice, the wide reality the most touchdowns in NFL history ran ever ball he caught in practice to the end zone. When asked why he said when these hands find the ball this body finds the end zone.

Is it any wonder he scored more than his peers? No he practiced scoring more than his peers. So, for us professionals, how do we practice? If you’re in sales, it means role playing the dialogue you’re looking for. In marketing, it may mean running small ‘side bets’ to test new techniques. For all of us it means reading and listening to good content.

I have a hard time writing this without thinking of an old Football coach, Don Stonefield. Stone was one of a few people in my life who insisted I pursue excellence and taught me the phrase “perfect practice makes perfect.” One more thing, just for Don…


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