The First Platform

The three pillars of health, as I understand them are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking at all about health on The Hard Way MBA . It’s simple. This blog is all about getting better in business and life. To get better, you must take care of your tools. To use a Stephen Covey metaphor, you have to sharpen the saw. The ultimate tool and most important thing any of are blessed with is our health.

This is an area I have plenty of room to grow in. I don’t eat that well. I don’t often exercise. Sleep is something I take for granted. That said, these generalizations characterize my past, not necessarily my future. Will I allow them to define me? Or shall I defy them?

Either way, my health, in other words, my body is the first platform of consequence. If it’s not sound, then nothing I build on it will be sound. A great mindset on a weak body is less than it could be. With unhealthy habits even great knowledge will degrade. A rare skill set carried by poor health does not deliver as often. It’s just that simple; the first platform is your health.


  • What will you do?¬†Will you let the choices you made yesterday define your tomorrow?
  • Are you working hard to get better mentally but ignoring your body?
  • Will you take responsibility for your health outcomes to build the best platform you can?