Interview with Scott Ginsberg :: Prolific production :: Generosity :: Passionate for Another’s Business

We talk to a man who has worn a name tag for 4993 days. (He’s over 5000 days now, by the time I publish this). Aside from that, he’s an inspiration.
Scott is a prolific writer and actually has outlined what he calls The Prolific Framework
  • Is reverse engineering creativity in his life.
  • Combines left and right brain thinking
  • Volume & consistency
Giving away his work everyday is based on generosity
  • That’s his nature and discovered it pays off.
  • Delayed gratification.
  • Hustle while you wait.
Hard to be passionate about somebody else’s business.
Book you should read: BrainStorm by Eric Maziel is about having productive obsessions
Moments of Conception:  Topher Grace cut all Star Wars Prequils into one movie.
Business advise:
  • Quality is not as important as you think. What is more important? Speed, context, etc.
  • Create parallel life. Have an identity that does not include your work, another container of meaning to support your person-hood, especially when the business sucks.
  • Do as much as you possible can before you get married.
Tell Scott what you learned from this conversation that you’ll put into practice tomorrow.



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