Self-Help: What are you doing to improve yourself? | Question of the Day #7

Self-Help: Not Psycho-babble B.S.

Self-Help is not what we do here are Hard Way MBA. That doesn’t mean you should be looking at how to improve yourself outside the context of business. In fact, I believe it’s critical…

What are you doing to improve yourself as a human?

You as a person are the platform upon which you build success. I’m all about business, after all, this is the Hard Way MBA. That said, to continuously #Learn #Grow and #Achieve business we MUST take care of other aspects of our life. Several components of life are far more important than business so when you’re answering this question I want you to consider a few other aspects:

  • family?
  • physical health?
  • emotional health?
  • spiritual health?

Taking care of yourself in all of these areas allows you to succeed elsewhere.