Rob Scott: Mindset Matters, Breakup with the Truth, Make Change Immediate, Fundamental Shift

Mindset is in Your Control. Own it.

Humanity has a core problem: the limit of our current identity. Can you unpack that for us? 
  • Identify is just a story you’re telling yourself. It is a major component of mindset that changes over time.
  • The core human problem may be delusion itself. Direct relationship with our interpretation of truth.
  • Lenses share, color the way we see the world. Built to be invisible. to be looked through, not looked at. Republican / Democrat, Vegan / Pale,
  • Some of the lenses we put on are terribly limiting.
How do we see the lenses that we have?

  • Shift in awareness is about a fundamental shift.
  • We’ve all had the moment
Breaking up with the truth:
  • When we take the limits as truth  we have to change what’s going on
  • Need to determine if that’s limiting… Are you thinking, that sucks.
  • End up seeing it in our emotional state, which comes from the meaning making in our head.
  • Evidence in the past is not relevant to the future
  • Think in terms of useful over true.
Subconscious mind sees familiarity as safe.
Three steps to the waking up process…
  1. Awareness. Grab a piece of paper and write down what you hear. All the negative self talk, inner critic. Become aware of what they are. You may not believe them 100% but represent bad software running around in the system. Awareness itself is curative.
  2. Challenge the thoughts. Have confidence / gumption to look at what you wrote down and decide i don’t want those to be true.
  3. Replace negative with an alternative that is more useful. Not inaccurate, useful. Not, i’m a millionaire but, i enjoy earning good money.
Pattern these into the identity and it changes the subconscious.
Habits don’t work until you actually change the subconscious.
Change, when it happens is immediate. 
  • The state change from anxious to confident can be instant.
  • There’s not time, order, it’s random. When we learn how to manage meaning making we get to a great degree control the state we’re in.
  • There are stage evolution that take growth over time.
  • The suffering comes when we’re in a specific phase, beginner, and we allow that to control our state. Haven’t made it okay to be where we are.
Favorite business book? Spin Selling.
What one piece of advice would you give our audience that they can use to improve their business today? Mindfulness meditation
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