Strategic: What are you doing to be strategic? | Question of the Day #10

Strategic: Create Time & Space

What are you doing to be strategic?

Like you see my team doing in the video above, you must create the time and space to be strategic about your situation. Sometimes that means an evening offsite. For others, it’s a multi-day leader retreat. For me, these times MUST be baked into my schedule. I’ll have an afternoon every 3 months to think strategically about my piece of the puzzle. During that time, I try to

  • Review goals for the time period
  • Identify current progress towards the goals
  • Clarify gaps
  • Consider what practices, techniques, strategies have been working to achieve the goals and what’s been eating my time with less results
  • Revise the action plan
  • Set another review period (sometimes at a shorter duration if I’m trying a technique as an new experiment.)

My recommendation is that you think strategy at least 1 hour each week, 4 hours each quarter and set aside a day or two before annual planning.

I hope this is helpful.